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100% Asian Music. 99% Fat-Free.

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Welcome to Kuremachisu, a Livejournal where you can download mp3's of Asian music. The aim of this journal is to share the music that Asia has to offer with the world! So open your mind and your ears and try out some new artists!

This journal is run by two people, Azora and Jo. We live on opposite sides of the world and have pretty different tastes in music, but we aim to share as diverse a range of music as possible. If there's something you'd like to see us upload, leave a comment and we will try hard to fit it in.

Usually, we will try to update once a week, but various personal commitments may get in the way of that plan. Files from previous updates will be removed every seven days.

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All files stored here have been uploaded by Jo and Azora to Azora's webspace. Please don't hammer her limited bandwidth; download only one song at a time, and DO NOT HOTLINK. Any hotlinking may result in a temporary suspension of files, and that means no downloads for anyone. Please remember, the internet is there to be shared, so respect others.

If you download, please comment. That's the only way we can tell what music you like, and it will help us choose music for future updates.

If you like the music, support the artists. These files are intended for sampling purposes only. There are loads of great internet sites where you can buy Asian music, including yesasia.com and cdjapan.co.jp. These artists deserve your support as a fan, and it is important for them to know that people the world over enjoy their music!

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Got a question? Comment? Complaint? Downright flame? Anything that -isn't- a request can be emailed to Jo: ladymisswarp[at]gmail[dot]com - and she will endeavour to get back to you as soon as is humanly possible.

If you want more info on Japanese music, places to download, places to buy, or lyrics, Jo & Azora recommend the following great sites:

Cori's JPop & JUrban lyrics
Centigrade-J lyrics, reviews & translations
Kirin no Kashi JPop lyrics
JPop Music Forums
YesAsia.com, shopping
CD Japan, shopping
J-XYZ, shopping
AsianDB.com, shopping
Planet Pinoy, shopping
Titik Pilipino, shopping

Special Friends! These people helped translate titles, etc... for Kuremachisu and we <3 them.

Ayame - Mina & Sammi Cheng titles.
Joye - Jolin Tsai, eVonne Hsu, and Elva Hsiao.
Kurai - Sammi Cheng, GiGi Leung, & eVonne Hsu.

Also make sure to check our "friends" page! All friends of kuremachisu are Asian music LJs (and a part of asianmusicljs for the most part) and most of them update frequently.

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