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Nov. 21 ft. Yumi Shizukusa, Faye Wong, Cibo Matto, Les.R, hitomi

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* - This week's songs will be removed: We'll say Sunday, December 5th, 2004 - but you know how that goes.

Azora.:* - Well, here's the songs for this week. I decided to add two songs that weren't requested, one by Yumi Shizukusa, and one by Les.R. I actually planned to upload Yumi last update, but I forgot. I haven't seen anyone post this particular song by her (and if they have, of course, I don't care), and Les.R is a duo I recently got into. It's too bad I can't find any information on them. Jo might add some stuff later, or not. Just don't forget to comment if she does and you come back and download some more stuff. Enjoy!

Title: Rock in The Club
Artist(s): Yumi Shizukusa
Language: Japanese/English
Album/Single: Yumi Shizukusa II [album]
Reviewed by: Azora
Link(s): http://www.yumi-shizukusa.com
Genre: R&B/Club
Download (right or left click): here.


Yumi Shizukusa, who briefly stinted on the Indies scene, is an Urban artist with Giza.
She performed live with Mai Kuraki and Rina Aiuchi before her debut.


The intro of this song totally reminds me of an Ace of Base song.
However, this song (and many of the other songs on her new album) is very much an American-styled club song. There's a lot of
repetitive lyrics. It's a bit unique though in the fact that there's these weird intervals where there's these interesting sound effects, that remind me
of a flute, only electronic - and chimes or something. I hope she goes back to her
own style eventually though.

Title: Sci-Fi Wasabi
Artist(s): Cibo Matto
Language: English
Album/Single: Stereotype A [Album]
Requested by: rinkun
Reviewed by: Azora
Link(s): http://www.wbr.com/cibomatto
Genre: Funk/Electronica/Hip-Hop
Download (right or left click): here.


Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori are Cibo Matto. Cibo Matto means “Sexy Food”, a play on an old 1970's Italian erotic film’s name. They released a Super Relax EP in Japan before recording their two US albums, “Viva La Woman!” and “Stereotype A”. Many of their songs use different foods to express deeper feelings and meanings. They do a wide variety of music, but can’t really be pinned down as having a particular style - Cibo Matto is, simply, Cibo Matto.


I -hate- coming up with genres for Cibo Matto. Maybe next time I get a request for them, I'll just put down this: "Download it and see."
Anyway, this is DEFINITELY my favorite Cibo Matto song "Of All Time". It's very funky, groovy, and there are a lot of cool sound samples in it.
Cibo Matto uses samples well - and these girls know how to make the English language roll over and play dead. The rhyming in this song is just incredible,
how they jump from one thought to another. It's just amazing. Check out the lyrics.

Title: Cold War (Lang Jeen)
Artist(s): Faye Wong
Language: Cantonese
Album/Single: Hundred Thousand Whys [Album]
Requested by: cat_o_ninetails
Reviewed by: Azora
Link(s): http://www.sonymusic.com.tw/pop/fayewong/
Genre: Pop
Download (right or left click): here.


Faye Wong is arguably one of the most well known Chinese musicians in the world.
She began her career doing “normal” pop songs (fabricated maybe?) under the name Shirley Wong, but at one point decided to change her style and her name to Faye Wong.
She now does pop her own way - and it seemed to have made her only more popular.
Faye is probably best known to gamers worldwide as the woman who sang “Eyes on Me”.


[This is a repost.] This is a mostly piano song, with Faye's voice. This is also a cover of the popular Tori Amos song, "Silent All These Years". For some reason,
Faye renamed it. It's good. The chorus is quite interesting, like a choir and Faye's voice is almost earsplitting in an angelic way.

Title: hikari
Artist(s): hitomi
Language: Japanese
Album/Single: Traveler [Album]
Requested by: sunleth
Reviewed by: Azora
Link(s): http://www.avexnet.or.jp/hitomi/
Genre: Rock/Pop
Download (right or left click): here.


Originally a model, hitomi was discovered by one of Japan's biggest producers Tetsuya Komura at a shoot. She was encouraged to help write her own lyrics.
Her breakthrough single was her second, Candy Girl. After her fourth album, a best of album, she split with Tetsuya and began composing her own songs and took on a
more "rock feel" for her music.


The melody for this song is okay, but it's a little boring and kind of gets to me eventually. That and I don't care
much for hitomi's voice. But, if you like hitomi, here it is. I just really can't think of
many nice things to say about it because I don't care for it. I think she'd be better off being a model. My own opinion, of course.

Title: Akai Ito
Artist(s): Les.R
Language: Japanese
Album/Single: Akai Ito [Single]
Reviewed by: Azora
Link(s): http://www.lesr.jp
Genre: Rock/Pop
Download (right or left click): here.


Les.R is a duo made up of Sumika and Yuka. They have released two singles thus far, "Akai Ito" and "Koishi Kute".


I don't know -anything- about Les.R. I'm not even sure if those are their names. I'm pretty sure they are though. Anyway, this is an upbeat pop/rock song
The background music reminds me of Tsukiko Amano or Ayumi Hamasaki's rockier, less dancey tracks. If anyone can tell me more about these two, please do. I think
one of them plays the piano, and they might be Christian. I've seen pictures of them performing in churches. (But that doesn't mean they necessarily are... Hmm.)
Tags: cibo matto, faye wong, hitomi, les.r, yumi shizukusa
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